Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stick a fork in it!

As you can probably guess by the title of this post I have officially given up on the powder based printer concept. I never could get the lexmark cartridges to work quite right. I couldn't get them to work well after they were refilled and the plaster dust kept clogging the nozzles of the brand new ones. Perhaps if I had started with a better donor printer. I seem to remember there was a reason I put the lexmark inkjet in the closet in the first place and that reason was that the cartridges sucked. Oh well...

While I'm done with the powder based concept I have not lost my interest in developing an affordable 3d printer. And when I say affordable I mean one that I can afford (Meaning as cheep as possible). I'm really excited by some of the work being done on DLP 3d printers and have decided to shift directions and pursue this technology.

Check out what Junior Veloso is doing with his DLP printer!
If that doesn't get you fired up then youre reading the wrong blog!

There's also an open source project by TJ Snyman that's in the development stage

The good news is that I can cannibalize the powder printer for the electronics and mechanical stuff. Now to start gathering materials and start planning.

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