Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe October came and went so quickly! (It's way too easy to get sidetracked.) Anyway, I just received some new Dental plaster and some additives to try out so now I have no more excuses. Time to roll up my sleeves and start testing. Hopefully it won't take a month this time to show some progress.

Thanks for being patient.


  1. Hi John, One quick question, how u manage to use your old ink cartridge to spray the dental plaster(or the other binder)? Thanks

  2. The ink cartridge prints onto the plaster just like it was paper. The moisture in the ink "setts" the plaster. The trick is to wet the plaster just enough to set the layer being printed. Too much ink and the moiture bleeds into the surrounding powder. The "ink" I am currently testing is nothing more than diluted inkjet ink. To be honest, I'm still having trouble with the cartridges. They clog easily, they dont hold much ink, and if you simply fill them to the top, they leak! It's a work in progress...