Sunday, January 5, 2014

Doctor! Doctor! Give me the news.....

Here are some things I have printed with my completed DLP printer. I'm still trying different resins and pigments to find the right combination of performance and cost.

There is a limit to the printer's ability to produce really small details. surface details like the lettering on the call box print ok but details that extend away from the larger body like the door handle or the posts around the light  don't get enough energy from a tiny dot of light to cure the resin.


The Dalek came out really well. The TARDIS and Dalek were both from I printed them both hollow to conserve resin. I used MakerJuice subG+ Orange resin from It works pretty well but I did notice some over curing of the layers. I think I need to add some more pigment. I'm also not a fan of the translucent orange. It doesn't photograph well and it looks awful. The orange does do a good job of blocking the wavelengths that the resin is sensitive to. I'll try adding something to make it more opaque and less fluorescent tangerine.

The Dalek took about an hour to print. 470 layers @ 5.5sec exposure + z axis cycle time (about 2 sec) and pauses to top off the resin level.
Here are some tests I did with the MakerJuice SubG+ Black resin.

My first  attempts to print more "mechanical" stuff.
You can see the over curing problem on the undersides of the bolts.

This one came out really well. The problems I am having with the over curing don't seem as noticeable on more organic shapes. It's only the hard edged overhangs where it is noticeable.
I wanted to see how small I could go.
This was my first successful print. I set it up so there were no supports needed. I used Spot-A GP unpigmented resin with a mix of black and white pigments. I was going for a neutral grey similar to the Form1 resin. I like the more opaque pigments, it is much easier to see details. The spotA resin cures faster than the SubG+ but is more expensive.


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