Thursday, August 27, 2009


Where to begin...

This past Spring I attended the Wonderfest model and toy show here in Louisville. (Awesome show if you're into model building/ toy collecting) Anyway, one of the seminars was dedicated to rapid prototyping. After about 10 minutes I was like "This is so cool! I must have it!". Unfortunately I didn't have $15 G's burning a hole in my pocket. What I did have however was a basic mechanical and electrical aptitude and a new obsession. Oh yes... It will be mine!!!(insert evil scientist laugh here)

A few hours research on the web convinced me that I not only could do it but I already had much of what I needed for the project . I'm already well on the way to having a working 3D printer but I'll start at the beginning and chronicle my successes (and failures) and hopefully inspire others along the way.

If you are interested in building a 3D printer or just curious, be sure to check

I also want to thank A. Fogassa for his help and inspiration. Check out his blog at

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